Wholesale Real Estate Marketplace

Welcome to the OfferMarket wholesale real estate marketplace! This may be your first time learning about us, so we'd like to give you a quick overview of who we are and how real estate wholesalers like you use our marketplace to assign their deals quickly and competitively.

What is OfferMarket?

We believe wholesalers should have a free platform to distribute their deals to qualified buyers. OfferMarket is a wholesale real estate marketplace.

Why post wholesale properties on OfferMarket?

Leading wholesalers post their wholesale properties on our marketplace. You might be wondering why?

Build your buyers list.

Access thousands of qualified buyers (in-state and out-of-state).

Assign deals faster.

Time is money, get your deals in front of qualified buyers.

Avoid losing deals.

When you're on the clock to assign your contract of sale, you need to reach qualified buyers who can move quickly.

Avoid reducing your assignment fee.

Generate buyer competition increases the likelihood your deal will assign at your target price point (or higher).

How much does it cost?

OfferMarket is free for wholesalers. Post your deals on our wholesale real estate marketplace and receive buyer leads entirely for free.

What if I am also an agent?

OfferMarket is free for wholesalers and agents. Anyone, owners, wholesalers, agents can post their deals on OfferMarket for free and receive a barrage of inquiries about their property! To learn more, checkout this dedicated guide for agents that might answer more of your questions.

How it works.

  1. Create your free listing.
  2. Receive buyer leads for free.